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Systematic Reviews in Ayurveda

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This is a Search Engine for Ayurveda
Literature searches for scientific publications on Ayurveda provide special challenges. Many of the Indian journals, in which articles on Ayurveda appear are not indexed by ‘main stream’’ biomedical (allopathic) databases such as PubMed and Cochrane CENTRAL. Researchers and patients always felt the need for a “search engine” in Ayurveda. This site probably fills this long standing gap. Search strategy adopted here can recover the great majority of articles on any given topic associated with Ayurveda.

Systematic Reviews in Ayurveda
Systematic Reviews in Ayurveda contain the pooled results from similar clinical studies by combining them systematically. Ayurvedc studies are searched and pooled first using a strategy described in this site. Studies that are similar are then combined to produce a statistically reliable result which can be repeated in other similar ayurveda health care delivery units. To achieve this we have used a predefined, clear methodology narrated under protocol. The methods used include steps to minimize bias in all parts of the process: identifying relevant studies, selecting them for inclusion, and collecting and combining their data. We have obtained studies/MD-PhD thesis regardless of their results. A systematic review always doesn’t need to contain of the synthesized results. A statistical synthesis of results from different studies is impossible if their designs are heterogeneous. If the results of the individual studies are combined to produce an overall statistic, this is usually called a meta-analysis.


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. This project needs financial support. Previously department of science & technology (NSTMIS division) had            supported  the creation of this initial database.

. We are looking forward for contribution and collaburation to expand these database.

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