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Hand searching identifies studies in journals that may not have been indexed in any electronic database or may have been indexed in such a way that database searching is impractical. The major source of Ayurveda clinical studies in India is the thesis work produced in post graduate teaching departments.

There are 60 post graduate institutes of Ayurveda in India. Their theses can be searched on the ‘Researches on Ayurveda’, compilation of MD/PhD theses works done in Ayurvedic universities of India option in http://indianmedicine.nic.in. However the most comprehensive search of these thesis can be done using the compilation of Prof MS Baghel. He has compiled  7700 thesis from all the post graduate departments in India. Now these are available in CD form compiled by one his students Dr. Girish, S D M College of Ayurveda, Hassan. Prof Bhagel also has pioneered a hand searching work of compiling over 4500 titles in Ayurveda through a collaboration work with WHO. We have named the hand searching method in the name of Prof M S Bhagel in respect of his pioneering contribution toward hand searching even before electronic version became popular in India.


Books by Prof. M S Baghel
International catalogue of ayurvedic publication
International Catalogue of Ayurvedic Publications: it is expected that nearly 10,000 books have been published in various fields of Ayurveda including regional language publications
Researches in Ayurveda
Researches in Ayurveda: The book aims to provide the information regarding PG & PhD theses produce in various Research Institutions in India



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. This project needs financial support. Previously department of science & technology (NSTMIS division) had            supported  the creation of this initial database.

. We are looking forward for contribution and collaburation to expand these database.

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